Tourism has become the need of society Gembira Loka Zoo
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Tourism has become the need of society

GL Zoo - the height of tourist arrivals in the attraction Happy Loka Zoo (GL Zoo) during the Lebaran holidays this year boasts officials from the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) RI.

"We are excited because it traveled already a community needs," said Head of Tourism Marketing Target Market Development Nusantara Kemenpar, Katijah, when the entourage reviewing GL Zoo, Friday (24/7).

Their arrival at the zoo in Yogyakarta is related to the plan of analysis manuscript tourists (domestic tourism) on holiday. Hence the need to go directly to the tourist destination (DTW), such as Yogyakarta. In addition to the GL Zoo, they are also the Sultan Palace and Parangtritis.

Katijah said, with the assistance of the local Tourism Department officials, at every DTW distributed questionnaires to see the profile of visitors from anywhere. "We spread the questionnaire in the zones are crowded," he explained.

Over at GL Zoo, Katijah accompanied the group had visited a bird park area and interact with the birds collection of the local zoo. (Bam)

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