GL Zoo Ready to Develop Zonanisasi Jurug Park , Solo Gembira Loka Zoo
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GL Zoo Ready to Develop Zonanisasi Jurug Park , Solo

GL Zoo - Gembira Loka Zoo (GL Zoo) Yogyakarta cooperate with Taman Satwa Taru Jurug (TSTJ) Solo, agreed to the development zonanisasi in TSTJ, for example in building a reptile park.

"On Sunday, August 2 later on foundation boards plan joint Managing Director of GL Zoo going to park Jurug to pursing investment plan or this cooperation," said Director TSTJ Solo, Ben Wahyu Widodo on a visit at GL Zoo, Friday (31/7).

According to Ben, it has committed to become a sister zoo. "Parks Jurug as foster children GL Zoo," he explained.

From the development of the development zone in TSTJ reptiles, will be so for the results. TSTJ Solo, admittedly, would like to mutually beneficial cooperation with GL Zoo is soon realized. So it was so immediately clean. "We will emulate the good in GL Zoo. So principle, we observe, imitate and modification (ATM), "he said.

In the near future, the exchange of animals between zoos is also imminent. "GL Zoo would love a pair of elk to park Jurug," said Ben.

While Assistant Solo City Government for Economic Affairs, Rochana, said it wants to emulate the development of the zoo in Yogyakarta. For that, admittedly does not need to cost a little bit and extra energy and other innovations. "We will build the first zone, step by step. We need some kind of instructors, and good cooperation with GL Zoo, a nearby zoo, "he hoped.

From the results of the visit to the Zoo's GL will be immediately reported to the policy makers. "Even I want later mayor of Solo is not only heard our report, but also pleased Rawuh, visit directly to GL Zoo," said Rochana hopefully.

Main diretur GL Zoo, KMT A. Tirtodiprojo believe, TSTJ Solo has the potential to grow, as long as willing to work on the Jurug Parks seriously. "We want to GL Zoo later had a partner to compete in a healthy manner," he said. (Bam)

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