GL Zoo Has Launched "Sobat Satwa & Oroundo Card" Gembira Loka Zoo
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GL Zoo Has Launched "Sobat Satwa & Oroundo Card"

GL Zoo - Gembira Loka Zoo Management (GL Zoo) Yogyakarta has launched two new programs to the local zoo's visitors.They were  "Sobat Satwa Member Cards" and Smartphone Oroundo 's Application Cards. Launching Sobat Satwa Cards are ceremonised with symbolic handed over of the cards by The Chairman of GL Zoo Foundation GL Zoo GBPH Yudhaningrat in order to appointing Miss.Titik Sulistyani who was being an official representative of Yogyakarta Tourism Office in the yard GL Zoo, Friday (9/9). 

While the launching of application of smartphone application cards or exploring GL Zoo are indicated by handed over of Oroundo's logo by Mr. Petrick Tomelitsch the CEO of PT. Oroundo to the Director of GL Zoo, Mr. KMT. A Tirtodiprojo (Joko).

Due to these new services, the visitors of “Sobat Satwa Member Cards” and the holders of Oroundo Smartphone Application, from October 1, will no longer to get line while signing in the local zoo. Besides, the visitors can enjoy the facilities of “Jogging” in the area of GL Zoo in every Saturday and Sunday starting at 05.30 WIB.

Mr. Joko mentioned that GL Zoo as  The first  conservation organization (LK) who had been launching in this program. “Using the Sobat Satwa Member Cards, they can get their health body training safely and comfortably while enjoying the scenery of GL Zoo” He said.

The requirements to become a member of Sobat Satwa, he mentioned, so easily.Simply fill out the registration form, along with an identity card, a picture of yourself would pe processed and pay sum of money according to the selected category who had been chosen.The member cards can’t be handed over” He explained.

In the otherside, the holders of Oroundo Cards will be simplified to explore everything about GL Zoo. The launching of this Oroundo Program in order to supporting the education, especially about ex-situ conservation (outside the original habitat), with the introduction to the animal through applications in the visitor’s own smartphone.

It is hoped that visitors can growing up the lovely concerns about wildlife and natural preservation surrounding their side. 

Titik Sulistyani an official representative from the  tourism office in DIY was evaluating that the new program of this GL Zoo besides cheap also would had been helping the tourists who had been visiting it. “We hoped that the others tourism destination would be implementing such as these services in prior to increasing the visitors targets would be achieved” She said.

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