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Red-footed Tortoise

Chelonoidis carbonaria

Red-footed Tortoise

Classification : Ordo Testudines, Family Testudinidae

Description :

Behavior : These animals are active during the day, they need a lot more heat. Usually when the scorching sun they will bask in the direct or in stone. After getting enough heat, they will take shelter under bushes or other shade.

Reproduction : The breeding season lasts from July to September, once laying producing grain 5-15. The eggs were incubated in soil or litter in landfills daun.Telur-egg shells are white, roundish shape with a length of 5-6 cm. Newly hatched hatchlings have rounded carapace with a diameter up to 4 cm.

Feed : C. carbonaria an omnivore animals, but ate more plants. Edible plant parts such as flowers, small fruits, leaves and stems of young leaves. Turtles also eat insects, soil arthropods, snails and fish.

Habitat : Turtles chery head like a tropical region has long lighting. They liked the area with a temperature of 32-37oC, but close to a water source. Spread in an area of South America.

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