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Indian Star Tortoise

Geochelone elegans

Indian Star Tortoise

Classification : Geochelone elegans

Description :

Body turtle light brown, with scales on the legs are brown but as well black nails. The tortoise has a carapace black with a prominent hallmark of the lines of bright yellow symmetrical arrangement with one another to form a star. In general, a turtle plastron different adult males, with more cekung.Ukuran body shape male and female pins, and body shell female tortoises heavier. Reach 1-6.6 kg body weight and carapace length reaches 15-38 cm on the female tortoises and 15-20 cm on the male turtles.

Behavior : Geochelone elegans including the animals that are active during the day. on the day of fairly hot, they will move in the morning and afternoon only, while during the day he did shade.

Reproduction : The period of sexual maturity of female tortoises that is 8-12 years, while the male turtles 6-8 years. In the rainy season the turtles from entering the reproductive period is around mid-July November.Dalam an area inhabited by several pairs of turtle mating season arrives. They will marry at night. After copulation, the female turtles will find a suitable place to lay her eggs by wetting the soil using urine. Turtles enter 1-10 eggs into the hole, cover the hole and flatten using plastron.Masa incubating eggs that hatch hari.Tukik 47-180 weighs 25-45 g, and a carapace length of 35 mm.

Feed : During the spring and the rainy season, these turtles eat vegetables, fruits, flowers and a variety of grasses. Meanwhile, during the summer and autumn, they will eat insects, soil arthropods, worms and various other animals, sometimes they also eat carrion. Because of on the time period, many plants are dead and dry.

Habitat : Indiana star tortoises live in various habitats, including the moist deciduous forest, lowland forest, hutansemak, dry grassland, savanna and forest. Sometimes they also live in an agricultural area close to the source air.Mereka able to live on the plains with the height reached 450 meters above sea level. Spread in India and Sri Lanka.

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