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Emerald Tree monitor

Varanus prasinus

Emerald Tree monitor

Classification : Ordo Squamata, Family Varanidae

Description :

Behavior : they like the tree of life and spent most of his life in that place. These animals are also active during the day and jump from one branch to another branch to avoid prey.

Reproduction : females are capable of producing 2-5 eggs weighing perbutir reach 10.5 to 11.5 grams. The eggs are deposited in the termite nest tree. The eggs will hatch after 160-190 days later. The newly hatched young lizard can eat termites as the main protein source.

Feed : variety of insects, bird chicks, eggs, birds, soil arthropods and small mammals such as mice.

Habitat : Using the gaps between the rods and holes in trees as nests or place beristirahat.Biawak is endemic in the islands of Papua, from Irian Jaya to Papua New Guinea.

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