Ahead of Eid , GL Zoo beautify themselves Gembira Loka Zoo
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Ahead of Eid , GL Zoo beautify themselves

GL Zoo - In the month of Ramadan this year exploited employees Happy Loka Zoo (GL Zoo) to beautify the appearance of the local zoo. Various existing facilities such as boat speed, water tricycles and regional GL Zoo repainted.

While the entrance visitors have also begun to be installed dozens of banners to welcome the upcoming Idul Fitri festivities. Head of Recreation GL Zoo, Dharma Hery Setiawan explained, preparation for Eid has been done since the start of Ramadan last.

Head of Local Landscape, Suharjo said, in welcoming Lebaran this year it deliberately changing strimin wire fence at the entrance visitors with a bamboo fence to make it look more natural. Besides being prepared accessories and decoration typical of Lebaran at the entrance to the visitor, the counter stops and corners of Tirta Mayang building. "Will we put the diamond ornaments and drum at the entrance of visitors," he said, Tuesday (7/7).

Managing Director of GL Zoo, KMT A. Tirtodiprojo in his direction on occasion remind employees to serve visitors with the best, since in the parking lot, the purchase of admission to the visitors are in the local zoo. (Bam)

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