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African Clawed Albino

Xenopus laevis

African Clawed Albino

Classification : Ordo Anura, Family Pipedae

Description :

The frog is a small body size, body length reach 6-13 cm with a weight of about 50 g. The body appears plump skin covered in white, tapered head shape, eye size is rather prominent kecik orange. The toes have a pool membrane, basic color white, orange eyes, claw toes pointed. 

Behavior : Loved the solitary life, active at night, just when frog's breeding season will gather in large numbers, such as members of other Anura like catching prey while moving. The frog is a good swimmer. In the afternoon, the frog would rather soak. Occasionally these frogs will come to the surface to take in oxygen.

Reproduction : External fertilization occurs in the water during the spring and summer. The number of eggs produced by a female to reach 1,000 points, the eggs will hatch 4 days after fertilization. Frog larvae breathe with gills and will change breathing with lungs as adults.

Feed : Many types of invertebrates such as dragonfly larvae, larval fish, other frogs tadpoles.

Habitat : Waters such as rivers, ponds, lakes and marshes. Spread in South Africa.

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